I woke up early this morning to find there was no record player in my new apartment!

i felt the music flow through my body....
We walked through a rough neighborhood, 
but nothing happened to us.

at that same moment my girlfriend's, sister's, best friend's, cousin's, aunt's, daughter's cat walked by and i snapped! i broke the cat in half like a twig.

Finally we asked the cat

Remembering what the doctor had told me about dealing with my anger, i decide to call animal planet's pet detective to turn myself in. Not having a turntable i ran down stairs to a DJ booth, but there was no vinyl record....
so i decided to do what any normal human being on acid would do....run! I ran to my car, but it had been booted by them bastards in blue.
The entire town got into the Volkswagen van headed for the Taco Bell.

But she feels that she was looking for something important...

Luckily, as sweat dripped from my forehead a music DJ turned the corner.
These streets and highways connect them to urban cities
Walking on the bus, calm and collective, i took a seat, but somehow the other passengers knew something was up. The bus driver must have tipped them off! The gig was up, sooner or later the DJs would find me and i would be forced to spin music of the EDM variety at various hipster festivals using a Numark controller. I decided then that they would never take me alive....
The meter personnel stayed, sensing they could fulfill their monthly quotas once everyone left town.
Unfortunately the town Target was guarded by an army of insane DJs.

We asked the police but they had no clue

I let out a battle cry. "YOU'LL NEVER steal my Audio Technica turntable!" and one kung fu grip later I had commandeered the bus. Scuuuuurting my way through curves i decided to make my way to old Mexico.


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